Digital Transformation Summit Recap

6 days of thought leadership and trend discussions for the year ahead.

Day 6 - Digitization Trends in Government Human Resources (HR)


  • Erin Montano, Senior Human Resources Specialist, Clovis, NM
  • Berke Attilla, Chief Human Resources Officer at Montgomery County, MD

The final session at Kofile’s Digital Summit showed that any department can lead innovation efforts for your municipality. Berke Attilla, Chief Human Resources Officer of Montgomery County, Maryland and Erin Montano, Senior Human Resources Specialist at Clovis, New Mexico told Kofile how HR championed the digitization efforts across their state departments.

Making Change Easy by Making Digitization Exciting

Berke Attilla joined forces with Montgomery County’s Innovation Officer to effect change in 2020 by embarking on a digital campaign. “Our “#Paperless” mission statement was our goal - we used this slogan to make that digital transformation sellable to the rest of the municipality.”

Berke’s team showed their municipality how SeamlessDocs was helping their department to be more efficient as forms went digital. “The people who did go paperless saw how trackable and accountable the system was, and become the project’s champions along the way.”

Summit Quotes (4)Digitization = Simplification

Digitizing everything from their workers comp to personal action forms in Clovis, New Mexico showed Erin Montano that the benefits of online forms went beyond just time savings.

“Tracking is very important in our world: we need to know, ‘where did that document last sit?’ It’s easy to see this in a digital world - it’s essential to see the latest signature path. "In addition, her team saw, “[a] simpler process, less room for error” and gained the ability to add new attachments to applications, knocking out the usual headaches from their former processes.

Ensuring the Success of Digitization: Proper Training

Wise parting words from Berke: “Just because a form is created doesn’t mean it will be used!”

One of his keys to success was to include a proper training effort around digitization for everyone involved. His team made sure to train:

  1. Form creators themselves: “we wanted to create multiple people that were accountable” for their stage in the digitization journey.
  2. Users of Forms: this included teaching everyone in the department how to use those newly created forms. “This is important because you don’t want to put in that effort and have the forms just sit there, not being used. As soon as we had forms created we wanted to go into the business unit.”

“We’re training individuals - both the creators and consumers of the forms - we found this is the best way to sustain your digital transformation moving forward.”  - Berke Attilla, Chief Human Resources Officer at Montgomery County, MD

Final thoughts going Into 2021 came from Erin when she said: “I encourage you - if you’re not on a digital platform, make sure you’re there in the next few months! It will improve your productivity. It is challenging to get off the seat but if you do so you will find it benefits you later on.”

Watch the full conversation (viewing time: 43:00)

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